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  • I'm Good? APPROVED
  • What grammar bullies seem to want us to say:
    • Q: How is the play? A: It's very well!
    • Q: How are you doing? A: Greatly!
    • Q: How's your mom? A: She's doing weller, thank you.
    • Q: How do you feel? A: I feel tiredly.
    • Q: How's the new job? A: It has me working very hardly.

Most of this is a sad lack of understanding about when to use adjectives and when to use adverbs. The phrase "I am <single unmodified word>" begs for an adjective not an adverb. So "I'm good" is absolutely correct.

Actually, though, the original complaint by varsity-level grammarians was when we said, "I'm doing good." Well is the better word there (although, I'm quite cool with good). But grammar bullies aren't the varsity; they're yellow-belt rookies who have learned just enough to be dangerous. They don't know enough to realize they're scolding their inferiors for the wrong infraction.

Like bullies in general, they're the worst.


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