• The Smartest Guys in the Room - Story of Enron's demise. Perhaps the best study of how managers play for themselves and say to heck with the corporation's stakeholders--even its owners (stockholders, other than themselves, of course). Remember, Enron was but one of two dozen corporate scandals at that time involving accounting shenanigans.
    • NOTE: The film has gratuitous swearing (mostly Enron execs and traders on tape) and one scene with topless strippers (one of Enron's CEO's hobbies). So beware. YouTube may ask you to sign in to view it.
  • What happened after Enron and new government regulation impaired corporations' ability to record phantom profits? They continued beefing up their phantom losses, something they got pretty good at in the previous decade. This film shows how. (It's only the first half of the entire program, but it's enough to show you what's going on.)
  • Standard Operating ProcedureAnother classic example of how the organization's culture can lead otherwise decent people to do highly indecent things. Basically interviews with the friendly hosts at Abu Ghraib.