Project 4 (Due Thursday, Dec. 6)

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Due: by class time Thursday, December 6th


This is a project designed to test your ability to work quickly as a team on a novel task.

Develop an animated PowerPoint presentation offering advice to students who will be taking Stauffer’s management courses. What do they need to know to succeed?


- The presentation will be graded on its entertainment value and the usefulness of the information.

- The presentation must be animated (i.e., must run itself) and must run between 30 seconds and 60 seconds.

- Use as few slides as necessary. You can do the entire thing on one slide if you plan it carefully. But I realize that things can get a little messy and hard to track on one slide, so use as many slides as you need. Just strive to use as few as possible.

- You can add audio, but it’s not necessary.

- Email the PPT slide(s) to me so that I receive it by class time. If you have trouble mailing it to me, place it on the desktop of the classroom computer before class. Make sure your team’s name is in the file name, e.g., team-awesome.ppt.